2001 Dodge Dakota Engine noise on FM radio



This weekend I started to hear engine/ignition

noise on my FM car radio. I remember in the

'old’days bad plug wires could be heard on AM. But

I don’t have plug wires. No ‘check engine light’

to help either.

Any suggestion, where to look?

Thank you



[b]Check and make sure the antenna has a good ground. If the antenna a poorly grounded, it can result in ignition interference on the radio.



Beside the antenna ground that Tester suggested, the other source of noise into the sound system is from the power. If the alternator has a bad diode, or the radio has a bad filter capacitor in the power input, you can get noise. Typically, this noise will affect all music sources, radio/tape/CD and not just FM. Have you tried the other sources? Bad grounding of the radio could cause some noise issues, also. Finally, if it’s just FM and the antenna connections and grounds all check out, it’s probably the radio itself.