2000 chev silverado loud electrical noise

So I changed my plugs and wires on my truck a few days ago and now every time I turn my key on a loud electrical noise comes from theengine. I thought it was the front right plug so I changed it. That went great for one day, then the same problem reoccured. Done this many times never encountered such a problem. It will run obviously weaker than previously. Any ideas?
2000 Chevy Silverado
5.3l vortec 4x4
136,000 miles

What plugs and wires did you install in the vehicle? Is the “electrical sound” coming through your radio?

I assume you picked up the noise through the radio. A bad antenna ground will cause this trouble. Since you were able to make it go away for a little bit at least I will assume the plugs and wires you put in are good enough in quality and not the reason you are having the trouble. Make sure all the ignition wires are making good connection.

The noise is coming straight off the block! No radio involved.

Well then that sounds like the ignition may be arcing to ground due to a bad connection. Checking the engine and looking for signs arcing during the night time can usually help locate that kind of problem. If the trouble has been going on for a while you may have to replace the wire due to damage caused to the wire from the arcing.