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2001 chrysler voyager electrical problem

I open the door, interior lights and power locks don’t work. I start the car and everything works except the radio, which never works. I have checked the fuse box under the hood but all seems well. Is there another fuse box in the interior? Short somewhere or radio burned out from condensation of air?

I’d Have The Vehicle Scanned With A Scanner Capable Of Reading Body DTCs. DTC “Ignition Run Short” Could Pop Up. Chances Are Fairly Good That The BCM (Body Control Module) Needs Reprogramming.

I’d take a look at the IOD (Ignition Off Draw) fuse, too.

A Chrysler Voyager is from Canada, Eh ?


iod fuse missing, added one and locks and interior lights working. will watch for any abmormalities. Radio still not functioning. Thank you CSA

You’re Welcome. I Take It That You Also Checked The Condition Of The Radio Fuse ?


I checked all the fuses. they seem fine. I read that this year/model was recalled for an airconditioner/condensation problem that will leak onto the radio and short it out. I bought the car for 4100 a few days ago. It has only 80000 miles on it. except for the 2 problems, all seems well and one of the problems is fixed. Thank you

Did You Find A Large Fuse / Breaker Box Under The Hood And Another Box On The End Of The Dashboard ? I’m Thinking There Is One On An End Of The Dashboard.

Radios are pretty easy to replace (Trim plate, 2 screws, two connectors, I believe) and in my neck of the woods, a used radio from the local salvage yard doesn’t command a very high price and they warrant it to work !

While at the salvage yard, pick up a 2001 Owner’s Manual. Fuses and everything are discussed in there.


The Voyager name was used by Plymouth. When the Plymouth brand was folded after the 2000 model year the Voyager name was transferred to Chrysler as a less expensive line that the Town & Country.