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2001 chrysler lhs transmission

Okay So I have this 2001 chrysler LHS v6. When I was driving I was on my way to an auto parts store and there parking lot has a really steep dip before going into it. So I turn my wheel and try to slowly pull into the parking lot. When I get to the dip and it is time for my car to climb the dip, it completely loses all power. I try giving it a little more gas and nothing, the engine revs and RPM rises but no movement. After a few secs the car starts to drive again and only far enough where I can pull it into a parking space. After in the parking space, I put the car in all gears, D,R,L,3 and they all behaved the same. The car goes forward, Or backwards in reverse case, about an inch and then no more movement. In After I got up into the parking spot I noticed once that it kind of sounded like a grinding noise while the car was in drive with the little inch forward. So I got my car towed and checked the brakes, and calipers to see if it was seized. I checked the transmission fluid and it looked good and didn’t smelled burnt but for some reason the fluid seems to be well over what it is supposed to be but I know this is not the case because I have had my car for about two years since I bought it and I checked the fluid and it was at an acceptable level. I Never added anymore trans fluid to it. I also check the diff and with both tires up, one spins one way and the other in the opposite direction. I can also feel the car change gear selection when I go from drive to reverse and so on. With the front tires up off the ground, there is no creep in the transmission and the wheels only move an inch in whatever gear I put it in. Any Ideas on what this could be? Oh and before all this, I had a check engine code P0740 Torque converter clutch circuit but I put it off as I had school and work and not much time.

I don’t know if the torque converter clutch failure can do this, but I do know that the only way for the fluid level can rise in your transmission is if the transmission cooler in your radiator has failed and the trans fluid and coolant are mixing in your radiator. Coolant is very bad for transmissions