2001 Chevy Silverado Z71

Our truck’s air conditioner has stopped working and blows hot, and i mean hot, air!

The belt is fine and it has freon. Any suggestions? Thanks a bunch

Check to see that the “blend door” is operating. Sounds like incoming air is being directed through the heater and not the air conditioner…On many vehicles, step one would be removing the glove box and maybe you can see the heater/A/C controls…When you turn on the A/C, does the compressor clutch engage and stay engaged?

I believe chevy’s use a blend door to mix hot and cold air to get the right temperature. Your door may be stuck for some reason. Vacuum from the engine is used to move this door.

You can check the ac by feeling the lines going into and out of the compressor. One will be hot and the other very cold.

Yes it does. My husband checked that. The compressor stays on as if the A/C is on only it throws hot air. Ill have him check the “blend door”. Thanks a Million.