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Air conditioning problen

I have a 1995 chevy 1500 pickup. WHenever I turn the a/c on, it blows cold air for a minute but then starts blowing hot air. I took one of the vent covers under the dashboard off and notices that the flap which is supposed to block the hot air and let the cold air through does not stay still. It is moves by a small motor located roughly behing the glove box. WHat happens is that it moves into the position which allows only hot air through. Does anybody have any advice? I know that a/c problems can be expensive so I’d rather fix it myself. I need your help!

That is the blend door and likely controlled by a vacuum. Heat is the default so my guess is you are loosing vacuum somewhere. Check hoses, starting with the one(s) connecting the switch to the blend door.

Really? Vacuum? I’ll do that. Thanks

Yo. The little motors are electric.