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2001 Chevy S-10 Starting Problem

Hello All,

This past weekend, I changed the steering column on my 01 Chevy S-10 from standard to tilt. I removed the lock cylinder from the old column and installed it in the new one…but now I get a flashing SECURITY Light that I never had before, and the truck does not start, get a click sound, but no more than that. I thought I may have a loose connection to the battery, but all is tight. I do get all power options. What did I do wrong? Other than this, all works ok.

You may need to relearn the theft system. First thing hook up a battery charger. then try to start it, release key and leave it in the run position for ten minutes. Turn key off and wait 10 seconds. You may have to repeat this two more times before it starts. Good luck!

Ok…I will try this when I get home from work tonight. I had a feeling it has something to do with the Security Theft System. Of course the Owner’s Manual is useless.
Thank you for your advice.
Todd K.

Hello All,
Thank you to the person that responded. I am keeping your information for future reference.
I am a product of my own demise, I retraced everythgin that I did with the installation, but what I forgot to look at was the positive battery cable was not tight secured…just enought to make the cylinoid click and turn on power to everything but the starter…couple of turns of my 5/16 wrench, and I was in business.
Thanks again everyone…
Todd K.
PS…At least I did not embarrase myself and have to pay a tow & the Chevy dealer…:slight_smile: