2001 Chevrolet Tracker Search


I am looking for a 2001 Chevrolet tracker LT Sport, 4WD, in the silverleaf color with no black side moldings. Does anyone know where I can find one for sale? I have searched Ebay, Carfax, Autotrader and those places but no luck.

We don’t sell cars here so keep looking at the sights you have.

Be ready to revise your color choice, options ect and maybe even choice of vehicle.

Chevy did not sell many and is 20 years old so most sold have been wrecked or scrapped by now.

Good Luck, but you are looking for an ageless silver unicorn…

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Thanks for your reply. Alright, I know that you don’t sell cars here. I was hoping that I could get some help locating one.

Have considered that one. I was hoping for a little better condition…but thanks! I appreciate it all.

Do a search for “Chevy Tracker forum” You will see several pop up. Most have for sale sections. There is a following for these things and the very best ones will trade hands between enthusiasts. That will be your best bet finding your unicorn.

Three available nationwide: Autotrader - page unavailable