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2001 Chevrolet Malibu - trouble with knuckle bearing bolts

I am Replacing the Steering knuckle and Wheel bearing on a 01 Malibu. Having a hard time getting the big bolts that attach the knuckle bearing and strut together. They are rectangular in shape and no wrench in mm or sae

Are you sure those bolts don’t have a hex on thenother side? Are you trying to get a wrench on the capitve nuts the bolts thread into?

How about posting a picture? I know what they should look like…

Do you mean the bolts labeled #6 in the pic below? They should be hex head bolts. Correction–they are not hex head, though they appeared to be in the diagram. The head only has two flats (see other pic). The nuts, however, are hex.

Do you need to replace both the knuckle and the wheel hub/bearing?

I’ve encountered a few vehicles where those bolts you mentioned are NOT hex head bolts

On the ones I’m thinking of, you can hold them with an open end wrench . . . but you definitely can’t get a socket on them . . . while you loosen/tighten the nuts

Those bolts are sometimes used to adjust camber, as far as I know

Post above corrected.

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