2005 Chevy Impala Odd Banging Noise

My Impala has a odd banging noise coming from what sounds like the front right and feels like it’s affecting the whole frame. Wasn’t sure if it is motor mount or something to do with the suspension. Any ideas? Oh yeah, my transmission slips in first gear coming out of a stop.

Jerry, Do You Have Adequate Life Insurance?

These “odd” sounds and “feels Likes” can be not only “odd”, but dangerous! I would get it checked immediately.

If you’re “lucky”, they’ll find a torn-up CV joint and you’ll need an axle shaft. That might explain the noise, the feel, and the slip, possibly.

If you’re not so lucky, you could have more than one problem or something potentially dangerous going on down there. This could be failed suspension parts and / or transmission problems, a wheel coming off, etcetera.

I don’t think anybody here can positively tell you what it is or whether this is a vehicle that’s safe to drive 100 feet. Get it in and get it checked and make sure it’s safe before you kill one of us.

Thank You, CSA

P.S. Let us know what is found if you can. I’m curious. Oh, and when did all of this start? How long has it been doing this? Is it getting worse?