2001 Chev S10 jerks

I have a 2001 Chevrolet S10 Crew cab pickup with 85k miles. I will be driving down the road at about 40-50 MPH and the truck will suddenly “jerk”. Just a split second of a “jerk”. Bam. However, this is only after I have driven on the highway at 55-65 MPH for about 10-15 minutes and then get off the highway and come to a stop. Then accelerate up to 40-50 MPH. It is when I’m getting back up to speed and it will do this thing. It does not “jerk” any other time under any other circumstances. Only after having driven on the highway, then stop, then go again. It will do it a handful of times and then not again.

Automatic tranny? How many miles?
Have you had the tranny seriviced IAW the owner’s manual?
Do yo carry a full load in it or routinely pull a trailer?
Hev you checked the tranny fuid?

Yes automatic, 85k miles. No towing ever or full loads. I had the transmission fluid changed in the past, not sure when. Sounds like you are leaning toward transmission.

Sounds like the torque converter. I would drain the fluid and replace the filter for starters. Do not have the system flushed. It can cause the dirt and junk to back flow into the valve body.

Knefeninore has given you good advice. If that doesn;t halp, have a reputable tranny shop[ evaluate it.

Yup, I’m leaning toward the tranny, perhaps causing the problem when it gets hot.
By the way, have you checked your tranny fluid level yet? The instructions are in your owner’s manual.

Will check fluid, change fluid and filter and let you know. Thanks!

Took it to Aamco and it wasn’t transmission related. They have a thorough checkup of not only reading the computer but hooking up diagnostics and reading “data streams”. They found the problem to be the Crank Shaft Sensor. Go figure. Knowing that now, I wouldn’t be surprised if it has been bad for a while and was the source of other problems I’ve had and had to repair.

Thanks sincerel for the folloowup post. It’s great to hear that you’ve gotten a proper diagnosis and the problem’s been repaired.

It’s also impressive to hear that it came from an AAMCO shop. They deserve a tip of the hat.

I read 2001 S10 jerks and I thought he was referring to me when I had my '01 S10 and would brag to guys with Suburbans about my 25 MPG.