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Jerking problem with 2001 Chrysler Town & Country

I just received a 2001 Town & Country from my mom. It has 110,000 miles on it., Well taken care of vehicle. But…I’ve noticed a problem while I’m driving it. If I let off the gas a little the car has a couple slight quick jerks…at first I thought it was just letting off the gas but today just driving “normal” stretch of road I noticed it jerking while excelerating a little. Has a lot of pickup but what is this??? Is it the transmission??? Is it something in the engine. I don’t know where to begin to take it…repair shop or transmission shop. Any ideas what it could be??? All fluid levels are normal and normal color. Thanks for any help you can give me.

We need to know what was ever replaced in the past. Example…
The plugs and wires were replaced ____ years ago and ____ miles ago
This van is 11 years old. There are many possibilities.

Plugs and wire were replaced at 95,000 miles 2 years ago

ok. Keep going…
What elso do you know was replaced…?
Was the trans fluid changed recently…?

My '02 T&C van does the same thing I believe. It is the transmission shifting gears for some reason and I can’t explain why.

I don’t know anything about transmission fluid being changed…I’d say no…it was driven very little in the past 2 years… fluid is normal color…not low on dipstick…and like Cougar with the '02 above it feels like a little shift too soon… like a jerk… In other vehicles (Olds minivan and another Chrysler minivan) I’ve had transmissions repaired and they were totally different just would not shift properly so that I’m wondering if it was a transmission problem and if a trip to a transmission place is in order.

Is this behavior something you feel in the steering wheel? That is, does it seem like the drive wheels are shaking and the steering wheel is jerking back and forth? Or is it more of a power issue and the steering wheel seems normal, ie, no shaking? I once had a mysterious shaking in an older Caravan, not quite what you describe, which fooled a couple decent mechanics. Turned out to be the passenger side axle (CV joint) even though it never ever displayed the telltale “clicking”. You may have something else, but I mention this because it seemed like a steering related issue to me, and two mechanics told me the axles were fine. #3 solved the problem with an axle.

No not in the steering wheel…more in the foot pedal/front end. Like a jerk maybe two. One day it will do it a bunch and then two days in a row it won’t do it…I appreciate the info. Didn’t know whether to try with a regular mechanic…or…take it to a transmission place I used for a couple of other vehicles…didn’t really have the money to pay a mechanic who would say “take it to a transmission guy”…if it could be a transmission.

When describing a transmission problem it is important to note the vehicle speed, throttle position, gear (1st, 2nd, 3rd 4th) and accelerating, cruise speed or decel.

You may be feeling torque convertor shudder (failure) or a harsh lock-up torque convertor engagement. The latter is address in TSB 18-023-04, a new Powertrain Control Module with software update to correct a surge @ 40-50 MPH. Note that the correct transmission fluid must be used in Chrysler products for proper torque convertor engagement.

Well I bit the bullet and and took it in to a shopl and it was the solenoid pack on the transmission…changed fluid/filter too. $700 fix ouch. Thanks for all the help.