'94 Chevrolet S-10 vibration?

I recently got a '94 S-10 with 233,000 miles and the Vortec 4.3 liter and auto trans. Lately I’ve been noticing a vibration when I get above 40 MPH and it only lasts until I get above maybe 50 MPH or close to that then it gets smooth. It does the same thing when I get below 50 MPH until 40 MPH when I’m stopping. It happens in any gear. Was wondering if it could be the torque convertor or something else? Other than that, the truck drives great. Please advise. Thanks!

You need to have a good independent mechanic check out your little truck. The reason is simple…you have 233K and the vehicle is 17 years old. There are too many components in the front end that can suddenly fail. It may be something simple (I hope it is) but it may be an accident waiting to happen.