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2001 Cherokee Engine Light

I am the second owner of a 2001 Cherokee Sport. The engine light remains on and even the Jeep dealer mechanic can’t seem to correct the problem. I’ve put almost $2000 into the car for the Jeep mechanic to replace oxygen sensors, do some welding and something about the catalytic converter (?). Sigh, trying to make lemonade out of a lemon, but this is getting rediculous if a Jeep mechanic says after all this “if you can give it back to us for another week…” Come on! Help!

For anyone here to provide any suggestions you need to provide info on the actual codes the computer is reporting.

Look at your paperwork from the dealer or call them to see if you can find out what codes are coming up. These will be in the form of a letter followed by 4 numbers - e.g. P0123. Post the codes along with the best info you can about what has actually been done to the car (use your receipts if necessary).

Hi - I just got the code from Auto Zone. It is PO432.
Thanks in advance for any help!