2001 Cavalier Dome Light Won't



I have a 2001 Chevy Cavalier. My dome light will only turn off when my car is:

a) Traveling over 10 mph (Coming to a complete stop cause the dome light to come on again until I go over 10 MPH)

b) The key switch is engaged, and I push down the drivers side door switch

c) After I close the drivers door and the 20 minute safety power engages. If I close

What would cause such a frustrating thing?


The first thing to do is verify your door switches are working properly. One way to do it is simply to remove each switch, one at a time (taping off the disconnected wire) and see if removal of a particular switch solves the problem. If so, replace that switch.


Have you checked to see if the dimmer switch is turned to the dome light position? Sorry, I have to ask. This can get overlooked.