2001 Camry 02 sensor

check engine light came on; auto service center advised P1135 code; Bank 1; could not remove bad sensor “stuck to manifold”. Car needs a state inspection 10/2015. Have not had good experience w/Toyota service dealers. Any suggestions for reputable Toyota service in the Needham area?

Definitely switch to a different dealer, this one is incompetent.

“service center advised P1135 code” anyone could read that code, that is NOT a diagnosis.

Or contact the Toyota regional office, the number is in your service manual.


Why in the world would somebody bother to contact the manufacturer’s regional office in regard to a 14 year old car?
For that matter, why would somebody take a 14 year old car to a dealership for repair?

Any competent independent mechanic should be able to repair the OP’s car, and at significantly lower cost than any dealership.

Your vehicle is fifteen years old. Stop taking it to the dealer.

Find an independent shop and explain the problem.

And if they’re honest, they’ll tell you all that needs to be done is to break out the blue wrench.


Yes, correct, no reason to use a dealer, I missed the years.