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Air/fuel ratio sensor

my check engine light came on i have car md i plugged it in it came up with code p1135 car md told me to replace the air/fuel ratio sensor i will take to dealer could you tell me approximate cost

Please Keep In Mind That A Code Is Not Telling You What Part To Replace.

Chances are that you need a new sensor . . . , but that may not fix the problem. The problem can be in the sensor circuit or something else. The code tells you where to begin testing.

There are lots of parts replaced unnecessarily by putting in parts that were ordered up by doctors like Car MD. Does the information that came with your reader really say to replace a part whenever you get a code? I find that really hard to believe.

Could you post for us what the accompanying information says to do after obtaining a fault code?

You can get some after-market parts prices from Autozone or Advance, etcetera, online.

Thanks, CSA

for the diagnostic report i received from cad md for error code p1135 there were 4 possible causes 1. the a/f sensor heater circuit or ground circuit is open 2. a/f sensor heater power circuit is open 3. a/f sensor heater is damaged or has failed 4. pcm has failed william garland

The Dealer Or Independent Technician Will Probably Check And Verify That The Circuit Or The Part Is At Fault Before Replacing It.

Since labor prices and part prices vary from place to place, it would be best for you to call a couple of places and ask about approximate repair costs. You can call a local Dealer, Autozone or Advance Auto Parts, etcetera if you are curious about the price of the part. They also may be able to tell you if it’s an easy repair on that Rav 4.