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2001 blazer zr2

My blazer starts and will run ok however it will not go over 3000 rpms. If I stomp on the pedal it will feel like it wants to die and then it will creep up to 3000 and will go no further. Any thoughts?

Check the fuel pressure.

I just replaced the the fuel pump and filter and the pressure was fine when job was completed.

Sounds like a plugged or melted catalytic converter to me. Not uncommon for these trucks. This should be easy to check on this truck. I believe the converter is flanged on both sides, so to check it will only require replacing three bolts and a gasket. I suggest taking it to an exhaust shop for that rather than attempting it on your own. You will need an oxyacetylene torch to remove those studs. Propane is not hot enough.

It was my mass air flow sensor. I cleaned it and now it runs great. Thanks guys