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2001 Acura or 2004 Corolla

I own a 2001 Acura TL and a 2004 Toyota Corolla. The Acura has 75000 miles on it and a recent rebuilt transmission and timing belt. It runs great and no rust.

The Corolla has 41000 miles on it and is in great shape. I have to sell one of these and am in a quandary. Can anyone give me ideas on what to look at or where to go to get a professional opinion on the condition of the Acura more importantly. Thanks

Because of its age and the fact you have already made a major repair on the Acura, you will likely be getting more in the futuree.

The Corolla, if well maintained, should soldier on for a lot more miles at very reasonable cost. Keep the Corolla, but start doing regular maintenance, including changing transmission fluid and filter at 50,000 miles anch flushing the cooling system every 40,000 miles.

A good mechanic can give you a fair assessment on the Acura. However, a transmission rebuild at only 75,000 miles smells of neglect or abuse.

Save a ton of money and keep the Corolla. You’ll save a lot in repairs and maintenance, plus you’ll save a lot on gas. Think about how you’ll feel when gas gets to $4 per gallon again.

This Corolla will last another 200,000 miles easy.

Yea an acura needing a tranny rebuild at 75k does spell abuse but I would ditch the acura if you’ve already had problems. I have and 05 corolla and its a very nice little car.

Actually the Acura transmission failure occurred after 8 years. There had been an earlier recall of that transmission due to a defect. The Acura corporation paid all but $600 for the replacement of the transmission even after the end date passed.resulted in a recall…
Great service indeed. That is the only major problem with the car in 9 years. It’s been a great car. The corolla mileage is better but the Acura is way better on the highway and when I examine the quality of materials in the two cars the Acura looks higher quality. The Acura is also more luxurious and safer in any accident. I guess my question is more like if the two cars are in great shape and I like driving the Acura more which is the better can to own over the next 5 years?

Yes, that vintage Acura had a problem with the transmissions no matter how well you treated it. How much better is the replacement tranny? A lot of people have had to replace the tranny more than once. This is the same tranny that give Honda Odyssey owners a major problem. Perhaps another reason to sell the Acura.

Transmission rebuild at 75k on a Honda or Acura of the early 2000’s is par for the course.

Honda had a defective design in their automatics. Sounds like for $800 the owner is getting a “lifetime” transmission now as they corrected the engineering defect.

My opinion is dump the Corolla as it will be an easy sell and fetch top dollar. However I am biased I cannot stand small cars(anymore) and also like near luxury models.