2000VW Passat Warning Lights On


I have two warning lights on. One is the ABS and the other I think is called SLP. What is going on and what should I expect. John


Go and get the diagnostic trouble codes read.


It is your ABS control module. It is a Bosch piece that will fail after 5-10 years. It the electronic piece that tells your car when to activate the ABS. A new one is over $1,000. Do not go that route. You can remove it yourself and send it off to any number of places that will refurbish it for around $200 with a 5 year warranty. I sent mine to Module Masters. It took 1.5 hrs to take out, only because I am not very mechanical. I shipped it off. You can drive the car without it. It was back in less than 1 week, and it took me 1 hr to put back in. It works perfectly. Search the web, there are a number of sights with great directions and pictures.


Before pulling out the ABS controller, get it scanned. It could be just a sensor problem.


I’ll make a note of this, I have an 03 passat. Thanks.


I concur, diagnosis first then act upon that after.