20002 Camry electrical problems



i have an 02 camry xle. several months ago the battery light started flashing intermittently. it got to the point that the light would stay on. i took it to one dealer and they said that the alternator belt needed tightening. the next day the light started flashing again. i took it to a second dealer that checked the alternator and the computer module that controls the alternator. they said that a wiring harness needed to be replaced. after about a thousand dollars worth of parts and labor, they gave the car back to me saying that it was okay. several days later the light started flasing again. i took it back and the dealer said that there was a technical bulletin on the alternator wiring harness and they replaced it for free. again several days after getting the car back from the dealer the battery light started flashing and it has continued to do so especially in the morning after the car has sat out all night. the lights flashes for a while and then the problem seems to lessen. when it flashes and i step on the accelerator, the lights turns off. i am at my wits end. the alternator was replaced less than a year ago and was supposedly tested at the dealer but i dont know if it was bench tested. anyone have any similar problems and suggestions as to what to do. thanks, richard at ramelan2@yahoo.com


Nothing gets fixed (or at least at a reasonable cost) by throwing parts at a problem.

The problem MUST be diagnosed properly first.

It’s very hard to correctly diagnose a fault on the internet as we can’t physically see (or listen to) the vehicle, so we have to guess and hope we’re right.

Why not take the vehicle to a (specialty) electrical auto shop and have it tested and fixed permanently?

There’s no need to go to a dealer ($$$) for repairs. Find a reputable independent.

Although I have a hard time reading posts that are typed together like yours, I never once read where anyone had removed/cleaned and replaced (wrench tight) ANY battery cables or grounds.(Including engine to chassis ground)


Back from the Future

Are they still using automobiles in the year 20002?


Are they still using automobiles in the year 20002?

Yes if Detroit has anything to say about it. Still internal combustion full size or larger.


Does the battery light flashing on change based on the electrical load. Say if you turn on both head lights, and rear defroster will it make the battery light come on more?


By that time there won’t be enough gas around to fart.