Battery light issues

Hi, my battery light has come on three times now. The first time it was my alternator which I replaced, the second time it was the alternators attachment cord to the battery (it had been burnt through-possibly from shifting in the engine as my motor mount was bad) replaced the mount and the alternator. But now it has come on again! I have no idea what it could be, there is no odd noises, smells, it runs fine. I’ve replaced almost everything I can think of in the last 2 years.

You need to take it to as shop that does proper electrical troubleshooting. This piecemeal bit is a hit and miss affair and will nealrly always cost you more than solving the ACTUAL problem.

Since neither you or I know what the problem could be, have the shop analyze the electrical system. A chain that does brakes and mufflers, or sells tires, is not the place to go.

How did you know you really needed an alternator?

The first time it was obvious, there was a code I believe and they checked the battery. The battery was fine, so they checked it after attaching a new alternator and the car worked. The second time, they went under the hood and found the wiring was burnt about 85% through. They tried it with a new alternator (after I had the battery replaced and checked) and it worked great. Now that the light has come on again, I don’t know what the problem could be…unless the cord burnt again. But why would that happen?

We don’t know what make model or year car. I also not sure about that light. Is it a “Battery” light or is it a CEL (Check Engine Light)? If CEL you need to have someone check the code that will be stored, if it is a battery light then you need to have the battery and alternator checked. Most auto part stores will check that for free. Don’t assume that a rebuilt alternator good. Many are not properly rebuilt and don’t last long.

Good Luck.