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2000 vw beetle timing belt

I just bought a 2000 beetle for my daughter to drive to college. It has 101,000 miles and the seller claimed timing belt and water pump were changed at 93,000 miles but keeps giving odd excuses when I ask him to send me the receipts so I’m now doubting his word. Could a beetle get to 101,000 with the original belt and water pump? And how can I verify the belt and/or water pump were replaced?

Yes it could get to 101 without the belt changed,a full inspection would only result in someones opinion that the belt has been changed,nothing 100% unless you do it (even if he provides reciept this could be phony).

I would be doubting his word as well. Your car’s belt might make it to 200,000 miles, but not likely. There is no easy way of making sure it has been changed, even opening it up and looking at it will not say much, they look almost exactly the same the day after it is changed.

I seem to recall that the design of the tensioner was changed on the 2000 models so if you can confirm that and if your mechanic can identify the difference, then that could verify that the belt and hopefully the water pump was changed.

This is another case where the buyer should beware and get everything in writing before signing on the line. Sorry I can’t be of more help, but if you are not sure about the belt I would replace it and the water pump.

Yes, a Beetle may make it to 101K miles with its original timing belt. I wouldn’t take anyone’s word for the replacement. Receipts should have been shown with the car when you first looked at it. Odd excuses are not a good sign.

You could try talking to the mechanic who supposedly did the work. They may have records of their work.

Good luck.