Timing Belt Replacement

Listened to the show last week, and the guys advised someone to change their timing belt after 70,000 miles. They also advised her to get the water pump replaced at the same time, since you would have to replace it at 100,000 miles at which time you would need to replace the timing belt again as well. I’m wondering if this is specific to certain cars, or if I should get my water pump replaced when I get the timing belt replaced as well. I have a 2001 VW Beetle with around 80,000 miles on it.

Thanks for the help!

It is specific to all cars with timing belts that also drive the water pump. I think your Beetle falls in that category.

In any case go by the book; your Beetle will have a MILEAGE and a TIME specified. A 2001 Beetle is 9+ years old and should have a belt replacement very soon.

A broken timing belt will result in thousands of dollars worth of repairs, in the case of my neighbor, $3000+ when the belt on her Passat gave out.