2000 Volvo C70 LHT

Wife’s 2000 Volvo C70 LHT has a 2 problems:

1. Intermittently, the car starts but the engine cuts out immediately, whether the car is hot or cold. Took it to the dealer and they say the immobilizer is going out and it’ll be $509 to replace and we get 1 new key. 2nd new key is extra. How often do immobilizers go out and must this be changed by the dealer only? Will the immobilizer shut off during the middle of a drive? Usually, after a few retries, the car starts and drives fine.

2. A/C lights flashes and blower stops. Dealer says blower motor or the controller is about to go. How often does that component go bad? How do I know it’s not the relay?

Thanks for the expert advice.