My Volvo C70 only starts when it wants to



I have an 04 Volvo C70 that will crank/turn over and then just die. If I wait 2-5 min. it will start, or not. The dealership wants over a hundred dollars to go into the steering column. The technician even suggested the Toyota key on my ring was sendding messages and shoul d be removed. Since this not starting doesn’t occur each time, I discounted that theory. We have put 2 new bastteries in this car in thelast 3 years to no avail, and now the dealership wants us to pay $135. for for battery cable ends.


Go to a good, independent mechanic. They will check your fuel pump pressure and then your fuel filter. I think it’s a fuel-related problem. I’m still laughing about the Toyota key because the odds of a Toyota and a Volvo being compatible is almost nil.