2000 volkswagon Passat

ok i just need to know some stuff i was offered a 2000 volkswagon passat with the turbo v6 with 130000 miles for 1500 bucks i was just wondering if i should take the deal or not? will i have any major problems coming with such high mileage?

Run, away from this car AFAYC. Big money pit.
BTW, If its a turbo then I believe its a four cylinder.

New turbo+ New transmission= BIG $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Have a mechanic knowledgeable with VW’s check it out.

I agree with americar in that I don’t believe they had a V6 w/ turbo, but I certainly could be wrong.

The 4-cylinder has the turbo. The V6 does not.

Has the timing belt been changed? If not it needs to be done yesterday, and that, alone will be several hundred dollars.

After that it’s a gamble. The Passat is not an inexpensive car to maintain.

Has the timing belt been changed? If not it needs to be done yesterday

I would not drive it anywhere except to the mechanic if that is an original timing belt.

As recently as 2007, Consumer Reports rated the 2000 Passat (both the 4-cylinder and the 6-cylinder) as being “Worse Than Average” overall in terms of the repair record.

The biggest problem areas were the engines, the cooling system, and the electrical system. Trust me, these cars did not get any more reliable as they further aged over the past couple of years.

Also, you might be interested to know that the make of car is Volkswagen, not Volkswagon.

Agree with VC; my neighbor’s wife had a late 1990s model, 4 cylinder, non turbo. The gear shift control cost her $1000 to fix, the timing belt broke BEFORE the 60,000 mile designated mileage, resulting in over $3000 in damage; and she had trouble collecting under warranty. Many more problems followed.

This lady is a meticulous and punctual schoolteacher who would never abuse a vehicle. I recommended she sell the Passat before 100,000 miles. She traded it for a Honda CRV which gave her completely truouble-free service for 10 years.

Draw your own conclusions, but I would guess you will have about $3000-$4000 in repairs on the Passat in the first year!!

The Passat is not an inexpensive car to maintain.

True, but not doing maintenance makes any car very very expensive to own.