How long should I keep a Passat?

My 2003 Passat has 75,000 miles and I love it. My mechanic suggests I trade it before 90,000 as Passats have not had a great reputation at higher mileage. As I have not had major problems should I go for the $1500- timing belt change or should I move on to another vehicle.

Quest: How long should I keep a Passat? Ans: Just long enough to get it home to put it up for sale. Just kidding. Wow, 1500 for a timing belt? What happened to $300 timing belt changes the last time I had it done?

The reliability of these cars is not nearly as bad as most people make it out to be. Hold on to it for a while.
$1500 is too much for a timing belt. Shop around.

Keep up with the planned maintenance. And continue to drive your Passat as long as you care to. If it ever becomes unreliable enough that it interferes with your life, get a new car. Until it demonstrates that it is unreliable, drive on!

Personally I would think on keeping till at least 150k miles. Somewhere past then when it starts to get pesky maybe consider moving on.

I believe the timing belt is a little more than half your quote but you may live on Nantucket or in Manhattan driving that cost up.

Keep it, of course. Deal with problems as they come up, as they may not arise for a long, long time. One never knows. Shop around for a more realistic price on the timing belt replacement.

thanks for your comments. The VW manual on maintenance calls for this major timing service at 105, 000. My mechanic says to do it at 90,000 and the VW dealership says they do it at 80-85,000 miles. I am relieved that none of you think this car is inherently a bad risk. I have been so happy with it and will probably check prices and have the service done. thanks