2000 Toyota Sienna - is trouble brewing?



I have added coolant 4 times (filled overflow resevoir) in the past year. It has a 165,000 miles. I bought it new. It is in excellent condition. Vast majority of miles are highway. It has never and still does not leak a drop of any fluid. I am worried about the head gasket. There is no colored smoke from exhaust. Runs great. How can I tell if I have a big problem beginning to show itself? Thank you so much!


How much have you added each time? How low was the overflow bottle - empty? Or a little below minimum?


Try replacing the radiator cap.

If the radiator cap isn’t capable of holding the proper pressure, coolant can escape from the cooling system as a vapor.



Take off the oil refill cap and inspect the inside. Is there fluid that looks like a latte? If so, you have head gasket damage letting coolant into the oil system.


Coolant in the transmission due to radiator internal leak?


Hi. The overflow was empty. Thanks for the help!!

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