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2002 Hyundai Elanta Coolant question

Several months back, I noticed that the coolant level in my coolant overflow tank was high and no coolant or very little was returning to the radiator after it cooled down. Thinking I might have a bad head gasket, I took it to my mechanic. He checked everything out, pressured tested the cooling system and every thing was fine. The coolant in the radiator is low when cool, but, when it warms up, it rises near the top of the filler neck. He suggested I get a new radiator cap which I did, but no help. No overheating, no oil in the coolant. Just noticed this again after getting my oil changed and the place that changed my oil topped off my coolant thinking it was low which now the overflow is overfilling and spewing to the ground. I have had a lot of work done to this car in the past year. Water pump, thermostat, cooling system flush, even had the head gasket replaced about a year ago after the car overheated due to a bad thermostat just to be safe.

Perhaps there is a leak in the coolant reservoir that allows coolant to escape when the reservoir gets full, therefore not leaving any in to return to the rad and engine as the system cools.

Ever have the CEL come on? Engine overheating?

No CEL and engine has not overheated since the thermostat was replaced. Not loosing coolant. The level stays high but does not spew out. The spew only happened recently when coolant was added when the oil was changed and coolant seemed to be overfilled. Bought an after market rad cap last time. Thinking I should get one from a dealer and try that out.

Air can leak where fluid may not. Test / replace the hose between the radiator neck and the overflow bottle.

You might have an airlock in the cooling system.

I will try this. Should I get a new radiator cap as well? I sucked some of the coolant that was overflowed yesterday with a turkey baster. Some more coolant spewed out today. It wasnt spewing until it was what I think over filled when I had the oil changed. Just worried that I may have a blockage or my thermostat is sticking because the radiator seems low when cool. You can still see coolant in the radiator its just not to the top. But no over heating and no other sign of issues. As far as the overfill goes, I guess I just need to let it eventually find its level.

that car is known for bad T STATS,which then MELT the radiator to nothing,so your rad is half melted down.and the vac valve is prob junk also.

that help?

see ya !
on a roll back.

that or manni overfilled your recovery bottle (HOW OBVIOUS)