2000 Toyota Corolla - Hard Steering and Grinding

My Corolla has suddenly developed a steering issue. It is incredibly difficult to turn my steering wheel and takes much effort to move it in any direction. Additionally, it makes a grinding sound when being turned. What may be causing the issue?

When was the last time you checked the power steering fluid?

First of all, I hope you’re not DRIVING the car like this. It’s not safe. Check the power steering fluid level. I think you should consider having this car towed to a mechanic. Even if the problem is low fluid, there must be a substantial leak which will have to be repaired. It could be something more complicated, too, but since we can’t see or hear the car, it’s hard to tell.

The power steering fluid levels are fine and my car appears to not be leaking.

I am most definitely not driving the car anywhere. Even if I could ignore the horrible grinding sound, the difficulty turning the wheel would make any and all driving a huge challenge. I’ve checked the power steering fluid and it’s fine and my car is not leaking anything. I do plan to have it towed to a mechanic first thing Monday to get the once over. I know the power steering is shot in some fashion but was wondering what the causes could be.

seems that maybe the fluid isnt getting to where it’s needed? pump probably not working - is the belt going to the power steering pump slipping/broken?

How many miles on it? Hit anthing like a curb latley? Could be the cv joint about to break from being worn out. If it breaks real real problem if you are moving … get checked before driving further.

Power steering pump/ hose(s) collapsed. Perhaps a faulty rack and pinion.