2010 Toyota Corolla - Hard to steer at slow speeds

Turning my steer becomes difficult when when running at a low speed like say 5 kmph

Then you need a bigger horse or a small steer.


Perfect reply , Mr. Pure .

Check the tires for proper inflation and test the car battery. Next check the power steering ECU for faults detected.


Good advice above from Nevada. It may be something simple, like the car’s various computers are not able to communicate with each other b/c of a broken or dislodged OBD II electrical connector.

The pressure relief valve in the power steering pump may be defective.


Unfortunately, there is no power steering pump on a 2010 Corolla. The last year for the hydraulic power steering was 2008. The new generation, which started for 2009 only offered electric power-assist steering.


If you have Power steering then it sounds like you might have a speed sensing steering system, meaning the faster you go the less effort it takes to steer the vehicle and if it malfunctions it can stay in high speed mode and make it hard to turn… (yes I know it is more complicated then that)…

If you have electric steering then you need to check the fuses and go from there… (I’m not that good with electric steering lol)

But there is also the possibility that you have a steering/suspension not with in specs… strut mounts, struts, ball joints, tie rod ends, rack-n-pinion, PS fluid contaminated, cv axle and the list goes on…

You can always jack the front of the car up and see how the wheels turn running and not running, plus can you turn the wheels holding the tires with out the engine running while front wheels off the ground… Depending what you find will determine the next test and or replacement of failed part…

If you are not able to do that, a lot of times a shop can check it for you on the cheap (check only)… I know that Firestone does a CVI (complete vehicle (visual/shake down) inspection) for $21.99, on sale for $9.99 most of the time just as an example, it is can be a basic 1step…

You are correct sir, I was posting at the same time as you and tester… I couldn’t remember right off hand if my 09 was electric or not (just looked it is), as I have/had 02, 06, 09, 17 Corollas and they all run together after a while when you been doing this for 30+ years… lol


I looked on Rockauto at the rack assembly.

Didn’t see an electric motor.


I think the electric motor is part of or on the steering column…

Yes it is,so I find.



Good terminology from/for that chain. Tires, okay, anything else—no.

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