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2000 Toyota Camry - Won't stay running

I have a 2000 Camry 2.2LE. Had a cracked radiator so we replaced it with a new one and now the car won’t stay running. It dies as soon as the car reaches operating temperature. It dies while driving or in park. I can push on the gas when it sounds like it’s going to die and it’ll stay running but only until I remove my foot. The battery and alternator were tested and are fine. We replaced the thermostat and still dies. Does anyone know what would cause the radiator to crack? Maybe what cause the radiator to crack is what’s causing it to die since both of these happened at the same time. No check engine light for the issue.

A cracked radiator can come from damage, age or overheating. It can also cause overheating. If the engine overheated, it may have cracked the cylinder head, block or blown the head gasket. Those 3 may cause the engine to repeatedly die. Hooking a scanner to the car while you start it would help diagnose this a whole lot better.

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