2000 Toyota Camry revs while parked

Today I turned on my car and heard a rhythmic rumbling. It wasn’t the radio, it was the car.

Without a foot on the gas or the brake, my engine was revving itself. Never above 1000RPM (or whatever the measurement is on that gauge), but visably rising and falling.

The car has 115,700 miles on it and has recently had an oil change and check up. I wonder if it was the slightly less expensive gas I put in it last.

Just wanted to get an idea what was wrong before I call the shop on Monday. Thanks!

Does your car have VVT? If you open your engine hood, it would have a plastic cover on it that reads that. Some Toyotas with the VVTi have had the plastic intake manifold break inside, which can cause a loud noise in the engine and affect idle. If you have this, there may be a recall or something to cover it under warranty.

The engine does not have a plastic cover at all. It hasn’t occurred since so I think it was a fluke. Thanks for the info!