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2009 Toyota Venza rattle

Rattle noise in engine at first start up but must sit for a couple of hours before start up will make the noise again. The noise only lasts for a few seconds. If you shut it off and start it again right away it won’t make the noise

How many miles on the engine and do you change your oil at least as often as Toyota recommends?

There is a TSB for your issue. Search T-SB-0146-10

Since you are out of warranty, it’s going to be a pricey fix.

Frieda, could you answer a few questions ? Is the oil level where it should be ? How many miles and months since last change ? Is the correct oil in the car ?

The rapid clatter noise that occurs for 1 to 2 seconds during start up is from the camshaft VVT actuator gear. The oil leaks from the gear when parked and makes a rattle noise until it is filled with oil. It can occur on engines with low miles or high miles, with 0W20 or 5W30 oil.

I agree. OP accurately describes VVT cold start valve train clatter.

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Additionally, has the OP changed the oil at least as often as Toyota specifies, in terms of BOTH odometer mileage and elapsed time?

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I checked the oil before I went for an oil change last week. I change it every 8000k according to Toyota manual I have 127000k on

Is it causing damage, needing to be repaired/replaced?

Is this similar to valve train noise caused by valve lifters that leak out their oil? That’s not been considered really harmful to the engine if it goes away within seconds of startup, right?

Absolutely right unless what I have been told is wrong.