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Engine Computer Electric control Unit (ECU) (Passenger Side side dash) 4x4 Automatic, 118,000kms

'97 Toyota RAV 4 automatic, 118,000kms

for several months, while idling at stops, a “rumbly-rattling” noise sounds like it’s coming from under the hood on the passenger side [near brand new battery]

totally cleaned out everything physical inside car that could be making the noise; checked the body, undercarriage, etc… found nothing & no improvement

have been out with our mechanic twice for him to hear the noise but it never happened when he was listening even going through a tunnel for acoustic echo
random occasional occurrence which doesn’t always happen while idling – but will mysteriously reoccur without any apparent difference in conditions, such as on the level, or declining/ascending slope, incline, pitch; (seniors)we never suddenly brake while driving too fast; nor neglect regular maintenance schedule

now, late one cold night, as always in 2nd gear to climb our steep S-curves hill, returning into indoor garage, just as I slowed down & stopped to carefully turn into our tight cement column defined parking space: without any warning suddenly there was no gas response when I softly accelerated to gently get past the column – the “check transmission” light was lit up – after turning the ignition OFF – waited a minute & successfully restarted the car to finish parking – the next morning everything was fine, but I could still hear the same noise and when searching online – learnt about expensive ECU problems that much newer more recent & different models of Toyotas have been having, including computer recalibration mistakes which destroyed their transmissions – $$$$$$$$$

if anyone else has this wonderful “truck” and enjoys it and cares for it as much as we do – and hopefully like us has had nothing major ever go wrong – BUT has had a similar idling rattle which you identified and were able to correct – please share with us your experience with as much detail as you care to provide

thanking you all in anticipation
this is an exceptional social network
& it goes without saying, but with our VPR donation bumper sticker proudly showing,
it must be said, VPR is #1 out of only three stations that we can & choose to listen to
without VPR our lives would be lack civilized discussion, balance, humour and hope

Start by having the ECU checked for stored fault codes. Post them here and we’ll try to help.