2000 Toyota Camry Noise for Charcaol Canister area

I have intermittent Engine light that after having the code read comes up “Evap System Error” I also currently having a humming noise coming from the Charcoal canister area when car is warmed up and i am slightly increasing RPM. With another person holding brake on and increasing rpm to cause humming I squeezed a small tube coming off this black small module attached to canister that seems to tee into a vent tube and the humming stops. Any idea what is not working properly?

The noise you are hearing is most likely the leak detection pump. It pumps air into the gas tank to pressurize it. The engine computer then monitors the pressure in the tank to see if there are any leaks. If everything is fine, the computer will open the purge valve to vent the pressure (and gasoline vapors) into the intake of the engine.
Not sure where your problem lies. It would be best to have a professional diagnose it in person instead of relying on some bozo like me on the internet.
Could be a faulty pump or something simple like a bad purge valve.