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2000 Toyota Camry - Idle problem

Hi! I have a 2000 Toyota Camry. I bought it used about 3 years ago with 54000 miles. It now has almost 90000.

Lately and intermittently, when I start the car it’s idle is erratic. It goes up and down. The car has never stalled, but the idle gets so low that it probably could. If I step on the gas pedal to bring the idle up to a normal level for about 30 seconds and then let off the gas, the idle remains fine.

According to Toyota, the timing belt should be changed at 90,000. Could this be the problem?

Thank you for your help!

Your problem is most likely the Idle Air Controller - have a mechanic clean and/or replace it - it should be pretty inexpensive.
Don’t put off getting your timing belt changed - if it snaps, you’ll be in for a major headache!

Thank you! Is the Idle Air Controller the same as the Idle Speed Control Valve? I have been reading a lot of things about the Idle Speed Control Valve on the internet.

Again, thank you!

Yes, two names for the same thing. I had a 96 Camry that started idling roughly from time to time, and I cleaned mine with some CRC-brand cleaner, and the problem stopped.

In regards to your other post, have you checked the level of your power steering fluid (your owner’s manual shows how). If the fluid is low, that can make the steering noisy at first.

If the power steering fluid is low, add Auto Trans Fluid - and check for leaks.

My 99 Taurus displays similiar behavior. Which CRC cleaner can you use and where exactly on the valve/controller do you need to spray?

What I used was called “Throttle body/Idle Air Controller cleaner” or the like.
On Camry’s, the Idle air Controller is just underneath the throttle body on the intake manifold - you pull off the large diameter rubber hose from the air filter housing to get to it. Don’t know about a Taurus, but I would bet a Haynes manual at your local library would show you.

I have 2000 camry Le 4 cylinder automatic. My car idles while im in park and driving and while I’m braking. I replaced egr and idle control vavle and still idles 2-3rpm. While I’m braking the car wants to go. I know it’s not supose to do this. I’ve taken it in to Toyota dealership and other places they r not finding the problem and it’s not safe to be driving…please help aomeone. I get the run around no one is being honest.

Hope you don’t mind I edited your comment for clarity. This should be easy enough to solve, but suggest you post this problem in a new thread. Click on “maintenance/repairs” above, then that blue box that says “ask a question” You’ll get better results here doing it that way. Best of luck.