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2000 toyota avalon not starting, alarm involved?

I tried to start my 2000 XLS Avalon & the battery seemed to be dead, & the clock needed to be reset. Tried several times to start without jumping, after about the 3rd or 4th time the car started. a few days later when driving my wife to work the VSC light and the ABS light came on. I turned off my a/c and radio and successfully drove her to work with no other problems. I tried restarting the car with no luck. All of my gauges such as temperature, speedometer, gas, VSC ,ABS etc. were going on and off, up and down. Car still did not start. Alarm was lightly clicking as if to faint to come on. Alarm finally sounded. Waited approx 10 mins and tried to start again (without jumping) Car started! What is going on? Please Help…

Does this have an aftermarket alarm?

Have you checked the battery and charging system? Is this the original battery?

It could be a bad ground at engine. Computor etc. A shop manuel may be needed. Good luck.

Since the gauges were acting up along with other things it sounds to me you have a bad connection in the power buss somewhere rather than an alarm problem. I recommend you clean the battery connections using a battery post cleaner brush. Also look for loose connections to the main power panel under the hood. Check the alternator output lead and make sure it is tight. Also check the ground between the battery and the chassis. Cleaning that connection may help fix this trouble.

I think it’s factory…

Batery and alternator are both good. It s a replacement battery, 3 months old.