Water coming out of tailpipe

Me and my daughter was driving home about 4 days ago and when we pulled in the Van started to vibrate then it died I tried to start it back but it would just turn over wouldn’t start, I checked the oil it was fine but noticed it was out of water so after it cooled I filed the radiator back up and tried to start it again it took like forever to get it started once it did start water was pouring out of the tailpipe and all the water was gone in the radiator, I don’t know nothing much about cars so idk what to do so my daughter called a friend of her’s he looked at it and hooked an Ob reader to it it read the code P0141 but that’s the only code it’s reading…idk why all the water is coming out of the tailpipe… does someone know what could be wrong.

When water is pouring out like that it generally means there is a cooling system breach into a combustion chamber in the engine.

Suspect 1 is usually a head gasket. You might pull the engine oil dipstick to see if the motor oil is contaminated. If so, it will look like sour milk.


Ok we checked the oil and it’s normal no water or creamy looking

Doesn’t really matter. If that much water is coming out of the exhaust consistently and disappearing from the radiator, you’ve got a cracked head or a leaking head gasket. There may be no water in the oil because the crack (or leak) is in a place where the water/coolant enters the exhaust directly.


Ooh I understand now ty so much for your help…God Bless you

Almost certainly a failed head gasket, but could be a cracked head as well. Either way it’s not going to be a cheap fix, particularly if it’s the head closest to the firewall.

Agree but the part of it not starting and no water suggests it Mary have over heated. Question whether to spend money on a head if the bottom end is damaged.