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2000 Sierra 1500 gas tank problem

My son’s 2000 Sierra suddenly developed this problem where the tank would not hold (or could not take) more than 2 gallons of gas even when the tank was empty. He took it to a GMC dealer who told him he needed two tank straps and a filler tube ($300 + labor). Same problem, no better. Another mechanic said he needed some sort of solenoid which he purchased and had this mechanic install. Same problem, no better. Anybody out here have a clue and should the dealer have to reimburse him some money??? Thanks, striper5162 Marion, MA

the tank would not hold (or could not take) more than 2 gallons of gas even when the tank was empty.

The exact nature of the issue isn’t clear. Is it just that the pump will deliver 2 gallons and then the automatic shut off engages? What happens next? Presumably gas can then at least be trickled in? Or what?

Find out exactly what this solenoid was.

The tank probably has an anti-spill valve which is there to prevent gas escaping in the event of a rollover. These can get stuck in the wrong position & amounts to an obstruction when trying to fill. I surely hope that both the dealer & other mechanic checked this first. Unfortunately I can’t tell you how to check it or deal with the problem as I have never encountered it. One of the actual mechanics with more experience than I may be able to make suggestions.

Thanks will give that a shot

thank you for your answer. after about 5$ at the pump, it shuts off after every 50 cents or so after that. I can put in some more gas after, from the red canister, since it releases the gas slower…

The fill tube is easy to see. Check to see if the small hose is pinched. I have seen filler tubes damaged when someone tried to steal gas. If thats what happened in the first place, maybe the small hose is pinched. Having said that, I don’t why you would drop the tank to replace a filler tube. You have to disconnect it before you drop the tank. I can see dropping the tank to inspect the tank. The filler tube is a metal piece that connects to rubber hose. The hose then connects to the tank. If I remember right the anti-sill valve in the tank. Its a ball in a cage. If someone tried to steal gas from it. They damaged it. I will bet no one looked at it when the filler tube was replaced.