2000 saturn won't start - sometimes



I have a 2000 saturn wagon with a 5 speed manual transmission that started having this problem recently:

In the morning the car will start right up but after you drive it for a while and park it, it sometimes won’t start. If you let it sit for a long time (like 5 hours or so) it will start right up.

I had the clutch switch replaced but that didn’t fix the problem. It seems somehow heat related but have no idea what it could be.

Appreciate any suggestions



Did someone tell you that you needed to replace the clutch because of the starting problem?


what exactly happens when it “won’t start”? You turn the key and what happens, what sounds do you hear, what lights go on/don’t go on?


You don’t hear any sound - none, the starter doesn’t crank at all. All the normal dash lights go on and the headlights are bright if you turn them on. The really weird thing is if you wait long enough it will start.

It seems like it almost have to be something heat releated.


It’s not heat related - or at least not weather heat, it may be engine heat. I am having the exact same problem with my 1999 Saturn SL2 automatic. It starts the first time in a day, but the 2nd time, it won’t. If I wait 10 - 40 minutes, it will start, but before that, I can’t get it to start. All the dash lights will come on, the radio works, the power window works, but the engine won’t turn over. Not even the clicking noise you’d associate with a battery problem.

(I’m sort of glad to see I’m not alone in this issue, although I notice nobody has posted a definitive fix yet either.)


Sounds like the starter solenoid opens when hot.


No click or anything, but the dash lights come on?

Could be the ignition switch. Wiggle the key around.


Can’t speak for OP but I’ve tried that, no result. I have also tried wiggling the steering wheel, starting it in neutral, wiggling the gear shift thingy, and as much else as I could think of. I really am leaning towards starter/solenoid issues myself.


Posting back with follow up - it’s in the shop even as we speak and they’ve identified a dead spot on the starter. At least it’s fixable.