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2000 S10 cooling

My truck is overheating on an intermitent basis. I’ve had it in the shop three times for this problem. My radiator is a year old, just had a thermostat put in. Had it in the shop again yesterday. They let it idle, drove it on the freeway with the AC on and off, but the gauge never went above 200. They checked the hoses, water pump, fan, etc. Said there is nothing wrong with it. Today I was running errands and it was fine for a while. Then after my last stop I got in, started it up and by the time I got home (about 4 miles) it was up to 235 again. I never know when it’s going to run hot…hit and miss situation. Any ideas?

Has anyone tried changing the thermostat? It could be sticking.


Have you replaced the radiator cap? I replaced the cap on my 2000 Blazer with a Stant Model 10230 or 11230 after the intake manifold gasket was replaced in 2004. The original cap did not seal well and tended to let air into the system. For more info read the following article.

I also replaced the Dexcool with green antifreeze at the time of the repair.

Ed B.

The thermostat was replaced a couple weeks ago.

The cap was replaced about three months ago (not sure what type but will check it) and my fluid looks good…radiator is only a year old. Have you heard of air pockets causing this problem? How would I go about trying to get any air pockets out of the system?