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2000 f150 over heating

my truck is over heating I took it to the shop last week and they said It need it a new radiator. So I put a new one and also put a new thermostat. I test drove it today and it keeps over heating. So I took the truck to the same shop , they ask me how had i put in the antifreeze because it may have air ( bubbles) so they work on that and said the truck should not over heat again. I drove the truck again and same thing happen do you what could be causing it to over heat. Thank you

Take it to a different shop.

Obviously it didn’t need a new rad and t-stat so it may be a collapsed hose or something else.

When the dash heat gauge shows hot do you see coolant leaking out anywhere?

Ya when the gauge shows hot I opened the hood and there was coolant leaking but I’am not sure from where

If you can pinpoint the location of the leak, it would help us helping you.

It seems is from the recovery cap, and also notice the heater is sometimes cold and then gets hot again.

I suspect something but I’m not positive and don’t want to give you wrong advice.

So, let me ask you this: when you say “it seems it is from the recovery cap” {unquote} do you mean from the radiator cap or the coolant reservoir?

It’s the coolant reservoir the radiator on truck does’t have a radiator cap. The only why to put in antifreeze is from the coolant reservoir.