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2000 rodeo wont idle

I have a 2000 rodeo which was stalling,replaced fuel filter and that seemed to fix the it will start,surge but will stall quickly.the issue seemed to be proceeded by rough running during rain.wouldnt run till the engine was dry.thanks in advance…Caleb

Well, let’s see - you seem to have left a fuel filter go long enough that it was clogged. What else on the car has been neglected? Air filter? Spark plugs & wires? The rough running when wet is almost always an ignition problem, and starting with new plugs & wires would make sense. Before anything else I would just take care of the basics.

The time you spent with a clogged fuel filter would have taxed your fuel pump. It is probably a good idea to check the fuel pressure.

Do all of that and see where things stand.

alot of forums mention idle air valve,do you know where this is located?

Yes, they probably would. And I would have mentioned it, but at that point there are plenty of darts to throw at the board. Its best to start with basic maintenance - like fixing the likely maintenance issue with your ignition system and verifying that your fuel pressure is good. These things are cheap and need to be done whether they “fix” anything or not.

The IAC will be mounted at the throttle body - this is at the end of the big black intake tube on the opposite end from your air filter. It will have an electrical plug to it and will probably be held on by just a couple/few screws/bolts. The IAC can be pulled and cleaned and the electricals for it can be tested.

hey,i removed big black intake tube and no I.A.C just a carb type opening which i cleaned out,still wont idle.although i did try late afternoon yesterday and it started fine and ran well,i listen for vac leaks and heard none.i let it run for 10 min and it ran smooth,some idle surging when i put it in gear,but other than that it seemed to run fine.after i shut if off,it went right back to starting,surging then quickly stalling. im having trouble understanding how a tune up will fix my idle problems,but im open to all you still think its plugs and wires that are keeping it from idling?thanks again…Caleb

You also mentioned rough running when wet. You very likely have ignition system problems. If you have ignition system problems it will cause all kinds of trouble - the spark is what makes the gasoline explode, afterall. You also haven’t mentioned your air filter.

The IAC is mounted to the throttle body (the carb-type opening) on the outside - it is not inside of the tb. Trust me - you have one. Its also called an idle bypass valve.

Go to an auto parts store and drop $20 on a Haynes repair manual. It will pay you back many times over. While you’re there pick up a set of plugs & wires and an air filter.

thought i fill you in on the latest w/my rodeo since you seem to want to help.i removed the battery terms to try and reset the codes prior to trying to get a diagnostic machine on it.every since i replaced the terminals its started every time ive tried(10 starts at least so far) and idled fine…what does it all mean?