2000 isuzu rodeo starts then quickly stalls

2000 rodeo will start fine and sometimes ilde but when put into gear will stall.mostly stalls shortly after starting.any theories?

Common prob with the rodeo, turn the idle screw up a bit. A friend and I both have rodeo’s and I had to turn it up on both.

hope that helps

I’m not familar with this vehicle but on most newer cars the idel is controled by the ECM. Does this vehicle have Idle Air Control Valve (IAC Valve)if so it may be it? Also I’m wondering if you may have a sticking EGR Valve. Is there any Check Engine Light on? If so take it to one of the parts stores and have them pull the codes for free and post the codes here and someone here may be able to help you further.

I think you’re right about the idle screw thing (aside from the fact that cranking the idle mix up is always a way of covering up some other problem with the carb). I think the Rodeos hung on with carbs for quite a while but they had to be gone by 2000 - no?

The IAC is one thing to look at - it can be pulled and cleaned out, and its electricals can be tested.

There are also those basic things like the condition of plugs & wires, air & fuel filters…

Trouble codes if the engine light is on would be key.

As far as I know, a 1994 Isuzu pickup with the 2.3l engine was the last passenger vehicle (of any make) you could buy with a carburetor in this country. But the Rodeos never came with one.

I also agree that messing with the idle screw is not a solution, especially if this happens to have a manual transmission.

I have a similiar problem with my 1995 Rodeo. It starts and runs fine for about 10 minutes or 5 - 8 miles. Then it stalls. I’ve asked the question on multiple forums. Most say sensors and EGR, MAP etc. Mechanic thinks it’s the main computer. But, that doesn’t jive with me.

Has anyone solved this?