2000 Porsche 911 - Shop suggestions

Any recommendations for good, independent Porsche shop for IMS Bearing upgrade?

The one on Smith Ave. does great work

What is wrong with people asking questions like this ? They don’t give their location and if it was some place like New York City the shop someone names could be 50 miles away. Have they never heard of Google ?

That shop down by the river is good, I hear.

You’d get a lot more answers on a Porsche forum. Just make sure you give them your location.

… and the owner lives in a van, down by the river, so he is always nearby in case customers need him.

In an NJ-centric forum, somebody recently asked for assistance from “anyone who lives on Poplar Street”, but he failed to supply the name of the municipality. Like with most things in life, The Devil is in the details


My bad - first post on the forum - I am in Chicago.

There is one in Stuttgart, Germany that does great work!

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I’d join a couple of Porsche forums, I’m sure they have some good recommendations in your area. This is a fairly common repair, but I’d want a shop with a lot of experience doing it, since it requires engine removal. Is this a precautionary repair, or did your IMS bearing fail?

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Since you live in the Chicago area, there is likely a Porsche club that meets regularly. Look it up on line and invite yourself to the next meeting.

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Probably more great shops out there but Midwest Eurosport looks like a good place to start.

Thanks - no failure yet going to have oil tested. Car did not have service history. Thanks to community for all your suggestions!

Click the “Mechanics files” link at the top left of this page. If there’s no Porsche specialists listed there for your area, go to a few of those shops anyway, and ask them which is the best inde Porsche shop in town.