Porsche Top $$$!

Had our 2003 911 for over 15 years w/just over 35K miles. Recently the convertible top began giving problems when going up/down. Slow, favoring 1 side then the other. Finally quit in the down position. Dealer estimates $3k-7k to repair! Thoughts? Advice?

See if an independent shop can do the job for a better price. But any required parts are going to be expensive regardless.


I’d post this problem on a couple of 911 forums, see if folks have advice on a fix and a fixer.

Surely this is not your only car. My suggestion is to look for convertible top specialist shops or indy Porsche specialist shops in Wichita and environs.

Even if you have to have someone follow you in another car to drop it off, and to take you back to pick it up, the cost at an indy shop will likely be so much cheaper than the dealership’s price that the slight inconvenience will be outweighed by the cost saving.


Sound advice, similar to previous post with my reply being pretty much the same this time.

My thoughts are… Not surprising because is IS a Por$che. Agree with the others, look for a Porsche specialist rather than a dealer.

And if you have not had your IMS bearing in the engine replaced with an updated one from Porsche or a superior aftermarket unit, you should have that installed at the same time.


Are you saying that there are no indy Porsche specialists in the Wichita area, or that you don’t want to have to travel to get the car repaired?

If it is the latter, I have to wonder about the ultimate practicality of owning a luxury car like yours in an area that is so remote from anything other than a dealership.

Living in a small town like that is no place to own a Porsche 911 or to have a heart attack or any other complex medical emergency.

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Are you in/near Wichita? Have you checked out Dumont’s, an “Independent Porsche specialist”? 4.9 stars on 38 Google reviews.

You don’t need a Porsche specialist, you need an upholstery shop that replaces convertible tops. My guess is that a dealer would use a shop like this as a subcontractor, then charge you 10% or more for the trouble, plus shipping to get the car to the shop. If the mechanism can be repaired, you will only pay for the cloth top. Replacing the mechanism might mean buying a used unit or having parts fabricated if Porsche doesn’t stock them. For a 2003, the mechanical parts might be available.

Dumont is located in OK City, or 4 times as far as Wichita, KS, do not much to gain here.

Good idea. Just need to search for them which I will try and accomplish.

Did the IMS fix about 8 years ago. FWIW, refer to vehicle mileage.

Wonder why Google popped that up? Oh well. Have you checked out Luxury Import Specialists in Wichita?

Springfield MO is close to SE Kansas and they show a trim shop there who does interior work along with not only stock convertible tops but they also do custom top work on any car.