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2000 Oldsmobile Intrique

I don’t know what is wrong with this car, I have put in new titanium plugs, new plug wires, new fuel filter, new air filter, changed the oil, I burn mid-grade gas. The car starts right up when cold, however once it warms up it idles on a non regular number, dies when driving and is very hard to start. I get lousy mileage and it smells like it is either not getting enough gas or not getting enough air. I don’t know what else to do. I had it analyzed with an electric analyzer, no codes were found. When the plugs were put in the air flow sensor had either gas or oil on it. It does not use any oil. HELP Please.

It would be good to clarify the bit about gunk on the airflow sensor. Was the sensor cleaned thoroughly? If that is still gunky or was damaged it will make a mess of how the engine runs. Does it have an aftermarket air filter on it, such as a K&N?

How can a car smell like its not getting enough gas or air? Normally if you smell anything it would be fuel - as in car getting too much fuel. Getting a fuel pressure gauge on it would be good.