2001 olds intrigue dying problem

I bought a 2001 olds intrigue with 22,000 miles on it. In the morning I idle the motor and after it warmes up for 3 or 4 minutes, it dies. I then restart it and its good the rest of the day. I cleaned the mass air flow sensor and now it idles a little longer before dying. This problem started 2 days after I bought the car and used a new ignition key that I had made at Walmart. The dealer says no chips in these keys-just plain keys.

It sounds like you need a basic tune up, checking the sparkplugs, air filter, ignition timing, and idle rpm. Do you really only have 22,000 miles on a 2001? Or is that a typo? If it isn’t a typo, you probably got some stuff gunked up somewhere. Either gunk in the throttle body, egr, pcv, carbon build up in the cylinders and on the valves, water from lots of short trips has damaged the exhaust system, etc.

You say the problem started 2 days after you bought the car. Are you certain this problem didn’t exist before you bought the car? Have you asked the prior owner about the maintenance record?

I had a 98 Intrigue that started randomly stalling at any speed. It stopper after I put a ground cable between the battery and engine block. The original cable was grounded into a 10 mm bolt on the fender right under the battery where it corroded badly.